May 25, 2009

Apple Reverses Prudish Decision and Allows Rejected iPhone Ebook App

Greetings. A few days ago, in Apple's iPhone Channels the Prudes -- "Pick a Little, Talk a Little!" I discussed the inanity of Apple's iPhone "censorship team" rejecting an ebook application that accessed classic works of literature, due to the presence of sexually-related content in some of those volumes ("Chaucer ... Rabelais ... Baaaalzac!")

Apparently the burst of bad publicity got through to the gang at 1 Infinite Loop. The author of Eucalyptus -- the program in question -- reports receiving a phone call on Sunday (!) from Apple reversing the rejection and accepting the app.

As I noted previously, Google avoided this entire spectrum of problems with their Android OS (for the G1 phone, etc.) by not having an application approval process at all.

Anyway, all's well that ends well this time -- but it's still a sad commentary on the iPhone application approval process that Apple has to be subjected to global public ridicule before a sensible decision is reached in such situations.

When it comes to anything even mildly controversial, don't be so sure that there's an iPhone "app for that!"


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