April 13, 2009

Tipping Point: Banks to Taxpayers: "We Own You!"

Greetings. Bank of America is in the process of busily notifying credit card holders of massive interest rate hikes -- apparently in "small groups" of only about four million at a time -- so as not to inundate the call center reps who would otherwise have to deal with the righteous indignation of all the shafted customers at once. Bank of America was of course another winner of the "bundles of bailout billions" from taxpayers.

To say that these guys still "just don't get it" would be a colossal understatement. They continue to live in Fantasy Land, apparently convinced that if they just pretend that everything is "business as usual" they can successfully keep following "standard operating procedure" by squeezing every last drop of blood from customers and taxpayers -- and somehow nobody will notice.

But hey there banker guys -- Congress is finally starting to really notice what's going on -- thanks to untold millions of angry constituents screaming for your blood. And Congress tends to react in knee-jerk ways that indeed may often be ill-advised, but could still alter your lives as effectively as a discount castration.

The world has changed. Keep pulling these stunts and you're liable to find out firsthand how Huey Long came to power so many years ago. Your present course may drag this country -- and probably the world -- into a popular uprising that would certainly be damaging to you, and most likely create one hell of a mess for the rest of us as well.

A serious attitude change in your entire way of doing business is called for. Get with the program. Show some balls -- while you're still permitted to have them.


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