January 07, 2009

"Network Neutrality in 30 Seconds" (HD Editions!)

Greetings. Back in August and September when I released Part 1 ("Drowning the Competition") and Part 2 ("ISPs, Google, and a Hacksaw") of my Network Neutrality in 30 Seconds videos, I received some complaints that they were difficult to watch due to the displayed aspect ratio.

The problem was due to my producing the spots in a widescreen 16:9 format, then having to "letterbox" them to fit the then current YouTube 4:3 display window without distortion. The end result was a small image with black borders.

Google very recently switched their YouTube site display windows to a full 16:9 ratio, with added HD display capabilities -- serious yippee! So I chanced a visit into the dark recesses of the Vortex Video Vault and extracted the original Network Neutrality nitrate negatives (well, the video equivalents, anyway) -- and remastered them to full 16:9 720p HD.

The upshot is that the old letterboxed editions have now been replaced with versions that fill the new YouTube 16:9 display area. What's more, if your viewing system has sufficient CPU horsepower, you can also watch them with even better clarity by clicking the watch in HD link just below the lower right portion of the image.

Unfortunately, these updates have required changing the associated YouTube direct links. I've updated all links on the original blog entries, but for reference, here are all of the current links to the new versions of both videos:

Network Neutrality in 30 Seconds - Part 1 (Permanent YouTube Link)

Network Neutrality in 30 Seconds - Part 1 (Current Direct YouTube Link)

Network Neutrality in 30 Seconds - Part 2 (Permanent YouTube Link)

Network Neutrality in 30 Seconds - Part 2 (Current Direct YouTube Link)

Be seeing you.


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