December 10, 2008

CNN: Marine Corps Still Hasn't Called Survivor of Jet Crash

Greetings. By now you've no doubt heard the horrifying story of the family in San Diego that was all but wiped out Monday by a Marine Corps F/A-18D fighter jet training flight that lost power and crashed into their house in a residential area, killing a mother, her two infants (one only 15-months old), and their grandmother.

Dong Yun Yoon -- husband and sole survivor of the family since he was at work when the crash occurred -- has publicly held the pilot blameless, and called the pilot a "treasure' in defense of the U.S. (Yoon is a U.S. citizen originally from Korea).

Yet Yoon's disbelief and pain at the events are obvious, and calls of support have been coming in to the church where he worships -- from around the world. As he spoke, Marine Corps jets continued to loudly streak overhead in a flight pattern that has concerned residents for many years.

CNN reported today that apparently one phone call still hasn't come through to Yoon -- a call from the Marine Corps themselves.

If this is actually true, it's nothing less than absolutely shameful behavior on the part of the Corps. Accidents can happen and responsibility will be ascertained, but to not have even contacted Yoon directly by this time seems incomprehensible. I hope that the CNN report is in error.


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