November 10, 2008

Correction to "New Low ... Blame Obama" (earlier today)

Greetings. I'd like to make an important correction related to my entry earlier today: New Low for Anti-Net-Neutrality, Anti-Google Forces: Blame Obama!.

In that piece I took Scott Cleland to task, for what I termed his anti-Google, anti-network-neutrality arguments, and for seeming, in one of his recent blog postings, to suggest the potential for inappropriately favorable handling of Google, et al. by the upcoming Obama administration.

Scott's writing style isn't always the easiest to parse, and upon additional readings I've concluded that while he quoted other parties as impugning Obama's administration in this manner, Cleland himself is arguing against that particular interpretation. Judging from responses I've been getting, many other folks reading his piece got the same incorrect initial impression that I did, but that's not an excuse of course.

I stand by everything else in my posting regarding Cleland's views and organizations, and the manner in which some anti-neutrality, anti-Google forces are now attempting to suggest an inappropriate relationship between Obama and these issues.

However, I want to be clear that Scott Cleland himself is not an adherent of the anti-Obama viewpoint under discussion, and I apologize to Scott and the readership for my earlier mischaracterization on this score.


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