October 30, 2008

T-Mobile Stores Will Apparently "Price Match" Wal-Mart's Lower G1 Price

Greetings. The HTC Google Android G1 world is all atwitter over word that Wal-Mart will shortly be selling the G1 (at least to new T-Mobile customers) for about $30 less than we've been paying at T-Mobile stores (shades of the original iPhone price drop controversy!)

We knew that there would be price drops, and come "Black Friday" shopping later this year even steeper discounts seem likely.

Still, it's irritating after only a week. Is this enough to make you want to return the phone to T-Mobile and deal with Wal-Mart? Hmm. Problematic to say the least. But there is a principle involved. We should be used to being fleeced in the hi-tech consumer electronics sector by this time, but it still bumps up the blood pressure.

However, I have confirmed a rumor (at least as far as my local company-operated T-Mobile store is concerned) that they'll credit the difference if you bring in a Wal Mart ad promoting the G1 and your original G1 receipt. (Anyone see one of these Wal-Mart ads yet?)

I should note that this offer may only apply to new T-Mobile customers who bought their phones in the T-Mobile stores. It is not clear at this point whether similar arrangements will be available to T-Mobile pre-order or upgrade customers.

While I'm on the T-M topic, I'll mention that I've bumped up the concerns expressed in Beware: T-Mobile's Voicemail Paging Trap to T-Mobile corporate. I've been promised some sort of statement shortly. I'll report back on this as soon as possible.


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