March 13, 2008

Pentagon Cancels Online Iraq Report -- But Here It Is

Greetings. The Pentagon abruptly canceled plans to post online a new report (and also canceled a related background briefing) that concludes the lack of a link between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda.

DOD is also now refusing to e-mail out copies of the report, and is only making it available in physically mailed CD-ROM form upon request.

In an age when any "good news" about the war in Iraq goes online immediately from the Pentagon's PR machine, the word is that DOD decided that this report was too politically sensitive to be made easily and widely available via the Internet. Fascinating.

Nevertheless, redacted (obviously scanned) versions of the executive summary and the main body of this report are already circulating, and I've saved copies for your edification if you so desire:

Executive Summary (~3.4 MB)

Main Report (~11.7 MB)


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