January 29, 2008

U2 Manager: We Need ISP Filtering -- Blame Those Silicon Valley Hippies!

Greetings. Man, it's flashback city here today. It has been a long time since anyone has dared yell "get a haircut" at me, and similarly ages since I've heard hippies blamed for anything!

Well, the haircut drought continues, but U2's manager, Paul McGuinness, claims that he's figured out why the music industry is in "collapse" (hint, he doesn't blame the typically awful quality of new "talent" releases).

No, Paul has homed in on well-known hippie freaks like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates! You do remember when Steve and Bill used to hang out with Timothy Leary, right? No? You don't recall Switch On, Log In, and Buzz? Maybe he'll include those other hippies Google's Brin and Page in his next tirade.

Anyway, Paul wants governments around the world to pass legislation ordering ISPs to declare war on "illegal" music downloaders, to demonstrate a true understanding of the value of music. No need for due process -- just swing the magic TCP axe! Three strikes and you're out! is the policy he wants. (Hmm, out of exactly what I wonder?)

And based on his vast computer science knowledge, Paul also rejects the claims of those who suggest that ISPs couldn't effectively target illegal downloads without massive collateral damage (a topic currently under discussion over on the NNSquad mailing list, by the way).

I get the creepy feeling that Paul's channeling Joe Friday from the old Dragnet television series. I may not remember everything from the 60s, but The Age of Aquarius was never like this.


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