October 23, 2007

Comcast Admits Interfering with Internet Traffic

Greetings. A few days ago, I reported on apparent tampering with Internet traffic by Comcast.

Caught with their pants down by Associated Press traffic tests, Comcast has now admitted to what they call "delaying" traffic -- in this case a euphemism for what network engineers would call the spoofing or forging of traffic to disrupt the expected normal communications protocol sequences.

For those of us who have long been concerned about assuring Network Neutrality, this case represents but the tip of the iceberg in terms of the sorts of potential likely abuses that we can expect from the unfettered ISPs.

If ISPs have problems with the traffic generated by a particular class of applications, the correct approach would be to work with the network community toward solutions, not acting like an incompetent hacker who could care less about disrupting network protocols designed with considerable effort over decades.

This case isn't just a Network Neutrality smoking gun, it's a veritable bazooka -- and it's aimed right at ISP customers -- that's you and me.

Good luck getting out of the line of fire.


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