October 03, 2007

Corman Screenwriter Charles B. Griffith Passes Away at 77 -- "Feed Me!"

Greetings. Let's take a brief diversion from policy and technical content to note the passing of a truly imaginative writer, Charles B. Griffith, at age 77.

Griffith was a key screenwriter for one of my favorite filmmakers, low-budget master Roger Corman. Griffith wrote the screenplays for some of Corman's most memorable productions, including Creature From the Haunted Sea, Bucket of Blood, The Wild Angels (some great bikes in that one), It Conquered the World, and many more, including likely most memorably and best known, the original Little Shop of Horrors (in which Griffith also had some cameo roles and provided the voice of the starring man-eating plant -- "FEED ME!").

Corman usually didn't have much of a budget, but what he lacked in dollars he made up for by hiring talented writers and actors who helped create films that not only were (and remain) entertaining in their own right, but helped to launch many major careers behind and in front of the camera. I have a photo taken in my studio with another of Corman's legendary writers -- I really have to post it sometime ...

If you're not familiar with Griffith's films (or Corman's work in general), do yourself a favor and rent some, or buy the inexpensive DVD compilations that are available. Probably for less than what a modern film production can spend on catering, the team of Griffith and Corman brought us film memories that are still part of so many lives today.


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