August 31, 2007

The White House's "Secret" E-Mail Contractor

Greetings. This one is fairly impressive, even for the current White House occupants. As you may know, it appears that millions (yes, reportedly millions) of administration e-mails -- required by law to be archived -- have supposedly "vanished" into thin air. Never mind that backing up e-mail is hardly rocket science (or even complicated computer science).

What's more, the White House is so far refusing to tell Congress the name of the contract firm who presumably should receive the blame for this gaffe -- assuming it really was just an, uh, "simple" archiving problem, and not a purposeful cleansing operation that would make Nixon's tape gap pale in comparison.

Why won't the administration identify the brilliant technical minds behind this e-mail error extravaganza?

On that point we can all use our imaginations, but one thing's for sure. If most ordinary citizens tried such stunts regarding any materials that they were required by law to provide the authorities, they'd likely be crucified so fast that they'd barely have time to hear the shackles snapping closed and the cell doors slamming shut.

The White House credo appears to be Les Miserables-style "justice" for the "little people" -- but the ruling class lives high on the pie in the sky, by different rules than you and I.

But then again, we expected no less from these guys, and in that respect we're never disappointed.


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