July 01, 2007

Google vs. Michael Moore's "Sicko"?

Greetings. In a posting on the Google Health Advertising Blog, that can only be described as bizarre, a Google "Account Planner" has eviscerated Michael Moore's new, widely acclaimed film Sicko (see Does negative press make you Sicko?).

The "cure" suggested by this Google employee for Moore's negative -- but generally viewed as accurate -- portrayal of the U.S. Health Care Industry? Spend more money on placing Google ads!

Seriously, you have to read the posting yourself to appreciate it.

I for one am willing to give Google the Don't Be Evil benefit of the doubt on this one. I'm assuming that this episode is the result of a single, uh, "overenthusiastic" employee and not a statement of broader corporate policy.

But I do believe that it would be quite useful for Google to issue a formal clarification regarding this rather sicko situation ASAP -- or ideally even sooner!

Bulletin! A few seconds ago while I was preparing the text above, a new posting by the author of the original anti-Sicko Google blog entry has appeared. Personally, I don't think that it goes far enough toward clarifying this matter appropriately.


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