March 29, 2007

Call for ICANN to Kill "Dot-Ex-Ex-Ex" Top-Level Domain at Tomorrow's Vote

Greetings. As is already widely known, I remain very strongly opposed to the creation of a dot-ex-ex-ex TLD (top-level domain), and would find it necessary to continue such opposition through whatever venues are available if the domain is approved at a likely ICANN vote tomorrow. I feel that dot-ex-ex-ex would create a disastrous slippery slope for censorship and free speech, despite its ostensibly "voluntary" nature. I don't think this is an area where ICANN should wish to tread even peripherally. Like many observers, I fail to see what constituency would be positively served by dot-ex-ex-ex, other than ICM -- the company that would run the TLD and profit from its use.

The relatively heavy speculative "pre-registrations" on the domain are obviously mainly driven by protective actions from existing dot-com domain holders, who cannot afford to have the dot-ex-ex-ex versions of their domain names obtained by someone else. This hardly qualifies as "support" for the dot-ex-ex-ex concept.

I hope that ICANN will choose to kill this idea once and for all. I fear that if it is approved, it will only represent the start of a long legal path as various governmental and private parties attempt to block it, and that would be an unfortunate waste of time and resources for everyone.


Blog Update (March 30, 2007): Commendation: ICANN Votes to Reject "Dot-Ex-Ex-Ex" Top-Level Domain

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