December 07, 2005

Goodbye Death Star: The New AT&T Logo Rolls In

Greetings. In case you haven't noticed, communications conglomerate SBC Communications is in the process of a "rebranding" effort -- part of their Oedipal transformation back to "AT&T" -- where they originally sprung from Ma Bell's loins decades ago.

The history of AT&T logos is interesting indeed, and it's not surprising that SBC would want a change from the divested AT&T's infamous "Death Star" logo to something different.

But there's something very "small" about their new choice, and I'm not talking just about the "oh so cute" use of all lowercase letters, either.

We've gone from The Death Star to what I'm calling the marble. What this portends for the telecommunications industry and its customers we can only imagine.

See for yourself:


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