November 03, 2005

More Amazing FEMA Katrina E-Mails Surface

Greetings. Back in an earlier entry I noted some disturbing FEMA e-mails involving (former) FEMA Director Michael Brown, which gave painful insight into what was really going on during the Katrina disaster.

Some additional remarkable e-mails from the period have now surfaced, that are even more impressive in the same sickening kind of way.

Here is a PDF file of actual message printouts. You may have already seen some of the messages that appear early in the file -- but keep on reading.

You'll be treated to Brown calling himself a "fashion god" for his attire, and his press secretary urging him to appear with rolled-up sleeves like Bush to look more hard-working, among other goodies!

In Brown's defense, there's also a message where he urges arrangements be made for pets when he learns that people are refusing evacuations rather than leave their animals, so perhaps his close association with horses in a previous job wasn't all bad.

However, the overall impression is of politically-focused "image control" from the top, while FEMA workers in the trenches struggled.

One marvels at the level of mediocrity and manipulation exposed in the FEMA e-mails. Of course, these would likely look like small potatos if we could compare them with the current White House's e-mail archives.


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