September 04, 2005

Louisiana Official Breaks Down on "Meet the Press" (Video)

Greetings. It's rare -- exceedingly rare -- for a public official to lose composure emotionally during a live, national, satellite interview.

It happened this morning on Meet the Press. The first segment of the program was another horribly embarrassing interview with Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff. You can imagine what it was like.

The next segment was with Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson County, Louisiana Parish. The interview ended when he completely broke down while relating the story of the drowning of an emergency management official's mother in the Katrina flood. It's very difficult to watch, but you can see that portion of the interview in the video here (Windows Media). I urge you to do so.

As an American, I find the way in which our government has handled this entire disaster to be nothing short of humiliating to us all.


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