July 15, 2005

"Rocky and Bullwinkle" Live from 1982

Greetings. I appear to have somewhat underestimated the number of Rocky and Bullwinkle fans out there. As an aside in a message to Dave Farber's IP mailing list, I recently mentioned the availability of a recording of the guests from my Jay Ward Film Festival at UCLA back in 1982.

This included a live R&B script reading by Bill Scott (Bullwinkle, etc.), June Foray (Rocky, etc.) and other guests. This was followed by a fascinating Q&A session in which they explored not only their own shows in depth, but also the past and "future" of television more generally -- and many of their predictions have now come to pass.

After I sent that message, everything was relatively quiet for a couple of days, but word has been spreading, and now the number of people listening to that almost hour-long recording (which I've had online with no fanfare for almost ten years!) is suddenly a hot item and keeping ye old Internet pipe pretty solidly filled at the moment.

But the more the merrier, so if you're interested in the classic animation works of Jay Ward, and Rocky and Bullwinkle in particular, you can easily burn an enjoyable and informative hour over at:


It's an event that I remember most fondly.


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