June 09, 2005

Soft-Core Coal

Greetings. When Paris Hilton's recent television commercial for Carl's Jr. appeared, there were calls from some quarters that it was really just soft-core pornography, not merely a pitch for meaty, juicy, dripping ... hamburgers.

Frankly, I thought that it was a rather unimaginative and insipid ad, but maybe that sells burgers.

However, a variety of mainstream firms are now combining skin with seemingly unrelated products in their promotional campaigns, and some are at least showing a bit of inspiration.

Take this new short spot (Windows Media) for example. It combines skin, dirt, sweat, heavy machinery, and one of the greatest musical intro riffs ever written. Meanwhile, it sucks you in while you wait to find out what the blazes is really being advertised.

One thing's for sure, it's a long way from light bulbs.


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