January 10, 2005

Graner's Lawyer Explains Prisoner Abuse Photos

Greetings. Specialist Charles A. Graner -- considered by many to have been a "ringleader" (or fall-guy, depending upon your point of view) of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison -- is now on trial. New photos and videos of abuse apparently are being shown at the proceedings, but it's already clear that Graner's lawyer has a wonderfully sick sense of humor.

In opening arguments, defense attorney Guy Womack suggested that the infamous photos of naked prisoners had innocent explanations. He said that the human pyramid was akin to cheerleader activities "all over America" -- and that the prisoner on the leash showed a non-abusive control technique similar to what parents do with toddlers at malls.

This guy missed his calling. He shouldn't be a defense attorney -- he could have had an upwardly-mobile career working for John Ashcroft at DOJ.


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