December 11, 2004

Fourth-Grade Girl Arrested for Scissors in School

Greetings. I just love stories like this. In Philadelphia, moronic school officials called police when a 10-year-old girl was discovered to have brought a pair of scissors to school. She wasn't threatening anyone or anything like that -- she just had the scissors among her belongings.

The obliging cops, in the best of "no common sense" traditions, handcuffed the child and hustled her off to the police station -- almost as much fun as a donut break! I gather that there were no other serious crimes anywhere around Philly that day, otherwise one might question the allocation of law enforcement resources, eh?

Police later decided that no crime had actually been committed and released the girl. (What? No cages available on Guantanamo for this dangerous potential terrorist?)

The school district then proceeded to suspend her for five days, and may expel her to their special disciplinary school for hardened criminals.

All in all, another fine example of zero-tolerance stupidity at the hands of zero-intelligence officials.


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