November 16, 2004

New Calif. DMV Chief Promotes GPS Tracking of Vehicles

Greetings. Here's something everyone should be concerned about. Gov. "Arnold" has just appointed a new DMV chief here in California, who is an outspoken advocate of taxing drivers for every mile based on where they drive, by tracking vehicles with GPS. If they get away with it here, other states are likely to be lining up for a piece of the action.

Of course, we're told that the mountains of location data that would be generated by such a system wouldn't be used for any privacy-invasive purposes. But statements by apparent supporters of the new chief -- such as Elizabeth Deakin of the UC Transportation Center, are most illuminating. Says Deakin:

"While some people are concerned about civil liberties, most people are not."

(Let's just see 'em try to get a GPS tracker on my Harley.)


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