October 09, 2004

Texas Board of Education May Increase HIV/AIDS Threat

Greetings. Leave it to the state that spawned G.W. Bush to be considering textbooks that may only briefly (if at all) mention the use of condoms to prevent sexually-transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. The pressure is on to tell children that only abstinence and "rest" will protect them.

This of course flys in the face of actual human behavior throughout history, but it does demonstrate once again that the troglodytes are alive and well in the Lone Star State. But of course we've had plenty of proof of that already, especially during this election season.

Texas' influence on the national textbook market is immense. The result could be that such idiotic attitudes may impact textbooks available to children throughout the country. This would include places where educators actually care more about health than with catering to religious fanatics -- those persons who would impose their brand of anti-science morality on us all, regardless of how many people end up dying as a result.


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