May 05, 2004

More Iraq Abuse Photos Emerge

More graphic photos -- apparently of prisoner abuse in Iraq at the hands of U.S. personnel -- have now emerged.

The ubiquitous presence of digital cameras has now assured that what otherwise might have only been rumor is now a very visual reality, and the full scope of the damage is displayed for everyone to see.

This Washington Post story has the sordid details and the photos. I warn you, I felt like vomiting after reading the piece and viewing the images.

Earlier this evening, I wrote a Reality Reset commentary column called "The Monster in the Mirror" where I discussed dehumanization and related behaviors. This was before I saw the Post story, complete with its image of what appears to be a naked Iraqi prisoner being dragged by a leash around his neck, held by a U.S. soldier.

How much worse can this situation get?


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