May 21, 2004

More Abuse Photos; Prisoner Statements

As we were all expecting, hundreds more Iraqi prisoner abuse photos are now in the hands of the media, and some of the "milder" new ones are already beginning to appear publicly, along with associated videos. Official statements by prisoners regarding their abuse are also now circulating -- they make for sickening reading.


(Attack dog threatening prisoner.)

(Prisoner has apparently been handcuffed in this position, with his ankle attached by a short chain to the wall behind him. If he lost his balance, serious injury would obviously have resulted.)

(Soldier on top of naked prisoner.)

(Soldier apparently about to strike prisoner.)

(Collapsed prisoner handcuffed to railing.)

(Naked prisoner is cuffed around the ankles and apparently being forced to "walk a straight line" -- the brown substance smeared all over his body is unidentified, but probably isn't chocolate pudding.)

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