The “Report” Option Returns (at Least on YouTube Red)

UPDATE (18 June 2017): Looks like the top level “Report” option has vanished again.

– – –

A little over a month ago, in How YouTube’s User Interface Helps Perpetuate Hate Speech, I discussed the highly problematic aspects of Google’s YouTube “hiding” the increasingly important “report a video” option (“Report”) under the main desktop UI (user interface) “More” menu.

I have just noticed that the Report option is now back on the main YouTube watch page top-level interface where I recommended that it should appropriately be. However, it’s not back in that key position in all situations.

In fact, as far as I can determine right now, it is — at least across the universe of my various YouTube accounts — only present on my account that currently is enabled for the YouTube Red subscription service (a great value that I do highly recommend).

At the moment, on all of my other accounts — and when not logged in at all (e.g., via an Incognito tab on Chrome) — the Report option is still hidden under the More menu.

Since Google is known to run various user interface experiments that may not impact all users, and since I don’t have a definitive history of the UI for my various YouTube accounts (and I tend to frequently switch between accounts for various situations), pinning down exactly what’s happening here — and when it happened — is not trivial with my existing data.

So I’m asking for your input. If you have a YouTube Red account and do NOT see the Report option on the top-level main YouTube watch page interface (see image below) when using that account, please let me know. Similarly, if you have a NON-Red account — that is, an ordinary non-subscription YouTube account (or you’re not logged in) — and DO see the Report option on the top-level watch page interface, I’d appreciate knowing about that also. 

In either of these cases, please email a note to telling me which of these two situations applies to you, and from what country you are accessing YouTube. Your responses will be confidential.

If Google is moving toward placing the Report option more generally on the top-level interface — especially if this will also ultimately apply to non-YouTube Red subscribers, that would be very welcome news indeed.

Thanks for your help with this.