September 17, 2004

Stupidity*2 -- Homeowner Associations and the TSA

Greetings. Two unrelated items today, except that they both show idiots in action.

First, we have the story of a blind couple being harassed by their homeowner association because the couple are unable to always completely clean up the poop from their guide dogs (the dogs go in the street, as they are trained to do). Why is it that homeowner associations seem to always be run by folks with the brains of figs and the power lust of Caligula?

Speaking of power-hungry organizations where intelligence appears to be in short supply, how about this nasty little tale about a female teacher arrested at an airport checkpoint for having a weighted bookmark that she had already carried on other flights. No, they didn't just confiscate it (which might have made sense if they were genuinely concerned about that particular item). Instead, they also handcuffed and hauled her off to the police station, while other passengers continued on their way, freely able to bring onto their planes much more dangerous weapons -- like umbrellas and walking canes for instance.

Did Osama bin Laden steal our brains?


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